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INTERSTISS, supplier of haberdashery through wholesalers of our protected brands Margot de Paris®, SEG de Paris®, Collection Privée®, Princesse®, Marie Coeur®, Smyrnalaine®, Brodstar®

Half cross stitch cushions

SEG de Paris®, Margot de Paris® cushions, two recognized brands in the half-cross stitch cushion.

Canevas seg de paris

Canvas & kit Canvas

SEG de Paris® and Margot de Paris® canvases and tapestries with always more novelties. Brod’star® quality embroidery supports

Embroidery and cross stitch kit

Princesse® and Marie Coeur® wanted to recover their initial identity made up of colorful drawings


Collection Privée® coupons and fabric by the meter develops several catalogs and additives by theme


Margot® and Brodelia® Tablecloths and Placemats, carry the heritage of tableware


Smyrnalaine® gives birth to magnificent knotted carpets. Floral, oriental or classic patterns …

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